Ignico Moorehead

Ignico Frazier is a full-time case manager, dedicated to serving the individual needs of the clients in which she works with.  She is a compassionate, thoughtful, enthusiastic, and versatile individual who believes that everyone despite their circumstances has the ability to live a meaningful life in which they will be proud of.  She earned a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Virginia State University in 2005 and is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work Degree. Upon completion of her studies at Virginia State University she immediately began teaching at the elementary level and has since spent most of her career working with our youth.  Ms. Frazier has over ten years’ experience working with vulnerable populations throughout the Metropolitan Area in the medical, educational, and social setting.  She has facilitated Anger Management sessions and has an interest in trauma, child and family advocacy, mentorship, and literacy.  

Ms. Frazier has found her purpose in life and strives to assist others in finding theirs.