Group Counseling

What is group counseling all about?

Group counseling is a form of therapy, that allows people to learn from the shared experiences of others.  Groups typically focus on particular issues like trauma, anger, depression, etc... 

At DL Services therapeutic groups are typically led by a Clinician or Intern and group members contributions are considered valuable.  The purpose of a therapeutic group is to learn how to process thoughts and emotions as they relate to past and present experiences. An example of this type of group would be to address, trauma, LGBTQI issues, and/or depression.

At DL Services a psycho-educational group can be led by a Clinician, Intern, a Para-Professional, and or a trained peer.  The purpose of a psycho-education group is to teach a particular skill, like emotion regulation and or coping strategies as taught in Anger Management.

Groups can be highly organized, or free form and some groups are open or closed. Open groups imply that people can join and/or leave the group at anytime. Closed groups typically are formed and concluded with the same group members.  The process to join a close group might be more selective in nature, whereas the process to join the open group might be to just show up.


Before joining a group, consider talking to a Counselor about the benefits and to help determine what group is the most appropriate for you.  Group work can be successful but there are also some risk.